Canadian Organization for International Philanthropy (COIP)

They are closed and there is no support from the company.


They have moved with NO forwarding address or contact information.

The Canadian Organization for International Philanthropy tax shelter, commonly known as COIP, has been the subject of numerous and serious Member complaints. COIP has been called a scam by many people for a variety of reasons. The flood of complaints in early 2014 resulted from COIP demanding additional payments for interest and principal on the debts they claim their clients owe to them.

One of the major complaints was regarding the misrepresentations of Pan Aggregate Financial Ltd. (PanAg). PanAg was the second finance company that took over the donor’s debt in the COIP program. PanAg told many clients who were inquiring about how to settle their debts that COIP and Pan Aggregate had decided to lower the interest rate so that the original prepaid interest would last a few more years. This was apparently done in order to give clients more time to settle their debts properly and without having to worry about having their debts go into default.

So when COIP and Pan Aggregate supposedly transferred the debt to SunRx Ltd and collections started, COIP clients felt betrayed and seriously misled. There was no reduction in the interest rate and in many cases, the client’s debts were in default, even before clients were provided with statements of account.

COIP seems to have vanished from sight as far as customer support is concerned, however, they continue to maintain their website on a sporadic basis.

They are closed and there is no support from the company.

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