Universal Health Trust (UHT)

This tax shelter is closed and there is no support from the company. They have also moved and have FAILED to leave a forwarding address or contact information.

*We have also been advised that there is no legal defense fund left for this program*

If you have any information to support or dispute this please let us know cases@endtaxsheltersnow.com

The End Tax Shelters Now team is happy to speak with you to review your options regarding your particular tax shelter case. The company is now closed and has left no forwarding address, and therefore no support. However, we are happy to help.

Where the companies are in court or with their appeals with the CRA

There is not any appeal with the CRA currently.

Who is helping these clients or people with this appeal? The summary of the company and their fees and if they even have any success.

69 investments in 20 states Including acute care hospitals, Medical office  buildings (MOB’s), rehabilitation hospitals, sub-acute care facilities,  freestanding emergency departments, and childcare centers. So far, they  have helped their clients; as well as their success chart is given below:

Success Chart:

If you have any relevant information regarding this tax shelter case, please email us at cases@endtaxsheltersnow.com